World Vegan Month

November - World Vegan Month

6th November 2020

November - World Vegan Month

According to the ‘Vegan Society’, “The number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. In 2019 there were 600,000 vegans, or 1.16% of the population; 276,000 (0.46%) in 2016; and 150,000 (0.25%) in 2014.” Additionally, “Vegans and vegetarians look set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025, and flexitarians just under half of all UK consumers.”

So, it’s not surprising that Symonds at Redwood’s head chef pays a lot of attention to the availability of Vegan options on our seasonal menus.

He said, in a recent interview, “All chefs have needed to realise a changing public demand for Vegan choices and adapt their menus and working practises accordingly. It is an ever-growing market and all chefs need to embrace this change.”

In order to better adapt our kitchen, he made the following changes very early on:

• First, it starts with listening to our vegan owners and what they’d like to see on our menus.

• Next comes research into vegan ethos and practices to understand their dietary and ethical requirements.

• That also means we need educate and train all our staff to understand Vegan needs.

• Lastly, one must be vigilant to seek out Vegan recipes on-line and in cookbooks so we’re always offering the very latest in Vegan cuisine and cooking methods.

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