Symonds' Classic Sausage and Mash

Symonds at Redwood’s Classic Sausage and Mash

19th October 2020

Symonds' Classic Sausage and Mash

UK Sausage Week takes place in late October each year, unfortunately, this year the celebrations have been postponed due to the pandemic. However, we still wanted to celebrate UK Sausage Week in our own way, so we have asked our head chef for few tips on how to serve your sausage perfectly this week. From pairings to a perfect bangers and mash.

Classic Sausage and Mash



1 pk Cumberland sausages

250g potato

A knob of Butter

Salt & pepper (to taste)

Double cream (to taste)


2 red onions

Olive oil (for cooking)

A splash of red wine 

Meat gravy/jus

Garden peas

Serves 2




Buy the best quality Cumberland sausages you can find and roast them at 180c for 15-20 minutes. You want them to be cooked through and with a crisp casing on the outside. Cover and let rest in a warm oven.

Peel and boil the potatoes in salted water. Mash well with a potato masher until fairly even consistency. Do not over mash. Add in a healthy dab of butter, salt, pepper and some double cream to taste. Finish with flat parsley just before serving, so the colour does not bleed.

Thinly slice some red onions, sauté in oil, add a splash of red wine, and a cup of quality meat gravy/jus. Reduce to the required consistency, it should be lighter than a glue.

Spoon mash into a pasta bowl, place sausages on top of the mash and coat with the onion gravy.

Sprinkle over a bit more parsley for presentation. Serve with fresh garden peas, lightly steamed.

Serve piping hot with a cold lager, red wine or a glass of cucumber water.

Three recommended sausages to try from our head chef

• Beef & ale - A traditional British Classic.
• Pork, leek & stilton - A perfect combination of flavours.
• Pork, cider & wholegrain mustard - A west country favourite.


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