Dry January

Dry January

14th January 2021

Dry January at Symonds

Dry January is the New Years Resolution that is sweeping the country and gaining in popularity every year. Alcohol Change UK states that, “Dry January is the UK's one-month booze-free challenge that helps millions reset their relationship with alcohol every year. 86% of participants saved money. 70% of participants had better sleep and 66% had more energy.” With these statistics, it is no surprise that more and more people are taking part.

If you wanted to take part in Dry January, we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to help you be successful if you take the pledge, including some drink substitutions for you to try.

• Consider taking the pledge with your spouse or a close friend so you can encourage each other as the month goes on.

• Experiment with flavours when you’re not drinking to keep your palette occupied. Think about strong and impactful dishes like curries, baked Camembert, deep fried mozzarella or jerk chicken.

• Think about locking your alcohol cupboard and giving the key to a trusted friend. They can help you stay accountable while home. This may sound quite extreme, but it is about making a strong statement to yourself.

• Put all the money you would normally spend on alcohol during the month in a visible place, then when the month is up, treat yourself to something nice.

• For mocktails, keep them fruity and summery to make you think you’re on holiday during the cold month. Why not try this punch recipe of 500ml pineapple juice, 500ml orange juice, 60ml grenadine, 60ml lime juice, fresh lime slices and Maraschino cherries for garnish?

• If you’re a wine lover, consider swapping for flavoured sparkling water or non-alcoholic wines that; while limited in variety, provide a similar flavour experience.

• If you’re a beer lover, many major producers make a non-alcoholic version you can order instead.

• Plan events to attend in the evenings where alcohol would not really play a role. Consider sporting events or church outings as viable option.

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